Renata Phelps (left) with some of the original Technology Together companion mentors

Technology Together has been developed, trialled, evaluated and refined within Australian primary and secondary schools. The original action research represented a collaborative initiative between Southern Cross University and the Catholic Education Office Lismore, and received funding from the Australian Research Council.

The project involved two action research cycles conducted over two years, with seven schools participating in 2005 and nine schools in 2006. Schools engaged in three micro-cycles (one per term), with learning from 2005 built on in 2006. Participants worked closely with University and CEO staff to develop, test and refine the metacognitive approach. The process was facilitated in schools by key staff who also played the role of co-researchers.

The research was informed by a wide range of data, including pre- and post-intervention surveys, workshop evaluations, planning and implementation documents, journals completed by teachers, notes from staff discussions, samples of work, observations and critical reflections. A focus was placed on triangulation and member-checking of all data, with an emphasis on maintaining the ‘teacher voice’. 

A consolidated report outlines the background, findings and recommendations from the research while a more extensive report includes detailed information about data collection and analysis methods, findings and recommendations. These reports and other publications related to Technology Together and the metacognitive approach to technology learning, can be downloaded from our Publication Page

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