The following quotes are from schools involved in developing, implementing and refining Technology Together through the research.

“Technology Together has proven to be an outstanding success at (our school)…The attitude of teachers to ICT in general terms has also undergone a momentous change. It is now taken for granted that ICT is a part of everyday teaching and learning at our school. ICT enjoys a much higher profile and discussion surrounding it is common place.”


“Technology Together has provided a springboard for future development in technology. Teachers and support staff are continuing to ask each other questions such as: ”How did you do that?” “Can you show me?” “How can I integrate best using the computers in the Library?” “I saw that your class did ….. I’d like to try that.”


“(These) strategies empowered staff to become more playful, engaging with the technology in a safe and comfortable environment that allowed them to be more confident risk takers. Through playfulness and exploration teachers were able to commence their journey at their level, in their comfort zone, and as confidence increased they then extended their capabilities.”


“The capability approach to ICT learning has far surpassed our previous competency based approach. In contrast to our previous checklist mentality, teachers are now more open to problem solving with ICT, taking risks with software and hardware and more than this, teachers are excited about the huge potential for ICT to enhance the educational outcomes of their classroom.”


“Participation in the Technology Together project has led to a cultural change in our school. The executive teachers have previously been hesitant at implementing some professional development because experience has shown that it was rarely accepted as important and often met resistance. This project has provided the platform to approach other whole-school development opportunities with enthusiasm and a sense of collegial growth.”


“Technology Together is an excellent model for professional development and has the potential to counter the current piecemeal approach to teacher learning. One of the great benefits of the project is the acknowledgement that teachers are at different levels of skills and competencies and the best way to approach this is by teachers setting their own goals, hence learning at the point of need.”


“Change is a process, not an event. The change process has started at our school. We have felt uncomfortable, frustrated, intimidated and overwhelmed. We have experienced failure. However, now we know that we are not alone. We know that there are others who can help us and there is more than one way to solve a problem. We have also felt success, we have been innovative, and we are excited by the progress we have made this year.”